My road to comedy is a similar path that one of my favorite comedians Jacob Cohen a.k.a. Jack Roy a.k.a. Rodney Dangerfield experienced when he began his comedy career in the early 1940's. He worked the comedy club circuit for about 10 years but never really made any money and even changed his stage name to Jack Roy as a gimmick. Then he made the “respectable” decision to get a real job and start selling aluminum siding door to door while also getting married and having 2 kids. I said respectable decision...not a smart decision. ☺️

Even while selling siding and making a decent living, he never stopped writing jokes and he decided to give comedy another shot in 1956 under another new name Rodney Dangerfield. The hiatus and dealing with real life experiences actually revived his comedic career and after that, he never looked back until 2004 when he left us for the penthouse in the sky. Rodney was a true comedy legend and one of the reasons I’m doing stand-up today. I know I'll get to meet Rodney one day but hopefully not too soon because I still have a lot of jokes to tell.👌