Kevy Kev’s Style

If I were to sum up my comedy style it would easily be “smart ass and witty!” Much of the material I talk about relates to various topics people deal with everyday but some of my best laughs have come due to my improv skills and ability to quickly react to a change in my routine or when engaging with an audience member. There are different types of comedians just like there different types of audiences. While some people prefer clean comedians, others may like dirty ones but preference has a lot to do with personal taste and sense of humor.  Audiences must also know that comedians are telling jokes and simply trying to make people laugh with no malicious intent. Again, it's all about the personal taste.

Regarding my own comedic style, I believe most people think I'm funny but there are probably some people that may not like my humor and that's ok too. Depending on the gig, I can cater my routine to any type of event, venue or age group…even my son's elementary school. To be a funny comedian, I don't think a person necessarily needs to curse and say crude things. However, I personally thinks it's funny to throw in a little cursing every once in a while depending on the crowd of course. When I get asked to do a show as an emcee or comedian, I always inquire what type of crowd and age group so I know what material I can use for that particular show. For example, If I'm working a corporate event, I am still funny but I simply use cleaner material. Although, my style tends to be a bit more edgy when I perform at a comedy club as opposed to a fundraiser event.