Kevy Kev Comedy

Meet Kevy Kev

I started dabbling in comedy in 1999 but after a few years and very little money coming in, I had to make a responsible career decision on whether to focus my energy on my business I had recently started or hit the comedy circuit hoping to catch "my big break!" company is still going strong after 21 years so needless to say I made the right decision at that point in my life. I am now 47 years old (Look 37), been married for almost 11 years & have a 7 year old son. For all the years I was on my "comedic hiatus", I was actually learning more about responsibility and the important things in life such as family, friends and most importantly getting to know who Kevy Kev really was deep down inside. Now that I have more stability in my life and less financial stress, the material I write seems to come easier and flow much smoother than when I first tried comedy almost 20 years ago. I've always had mad respect and envy for all the comedians that bust their butts and struggle every night working on new material and honing their craft hoping to make it in this industry.  For me personally, I needed to step back, mature and experience more responsibility in my life while I was in search of finding my inner funny voice.

Well...Kevy Kev is back and funnier than ever. I can't wait to make you smile again and take your mind off the crazy world we all live in today. Here's to everyone getting a long with each other and laughing a little more cause everyone knows smiling is contagious!